***   We Awake  TO Prevent Poverty From Bangladesh.

***    We   Ready Ensure  Five  Fundamental   Rights For Our Savings Id Holder & Other...

***We Work For Making  Our                    Savings Id Holder                                                      Billionaire.

***  Fund Disposal In A Short Time To Prevent Any Upcoming Disaster Like Covid-19 Or For Higher Activity Like Business Or Higher Education.

*** Directly Financial Help to The  Poor.

We have a very large number of population in our country. For our large population, We have much trouble and we can not get rid of it. Poverty is one of them. Why are We poor? We have no job and our working ability is so poor that we can't change ourselves in one generation. 

On the other hand, our willing power to change our own life is also minor so we remain on the poverty line from generation to generation.

We want to change our willing power and want to create a capable worker and educated nation in which nations will be free from hunger and free from poverty.


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